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Chloe Newsletter
Welcome to chloe_news, a newsletter made for Chloe Sullivan fans everyone! This newsletter was created by flareonfury and is updated by her.
  • This is a closed community; if you are interested in watching this newsletter, please friend the community, there's no need to try and join.

  • New issues are added every THREE days.

  • You can find just about anything here - fanfiction, news, art, icons, wallpaper, videos, etc.

  • watchingchloe is our watcher/stalker journal, so if you are friended by it you do not need to friend back.

  • chloe_news only links to public posts.

  • If you wish to have a link to any of your content removed, simply comment on the offending post.

  • I don't pretend that what you see in this newsletter is everything in the world about Chloe Sullivan on Livejournal or other sites, though I aim to do my best. Please feel free to comment with suggestions on ways to improve the newsletter in future, or with content we have overlooked.

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